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GO Green

Whether you are looking to save money or save the enviroment, retrofitting of old equipment is the best option to start going GREEN without breaking the bank. Our experience working with the utility companies allows us to maximize your rebates. That is why CRS is a leader and trend setter in retrofiiting old equipment all over the West Coast. 

LED retrofits are really becoming a popular way to reduce you're monthly electrical bill. Not only are you decreasing your monthly out of pocket expense but your also providing better lighting to show off your products. LED lights consume less energy, give off less heat and last longer than fluorescent fixtures. In the end you have better lighting, use less energy, and cut down on your maintenance cost.

Get rid of those old shaded pole motors in your refrigerated cases and boxes and switch to an ECM motor. ECM motors are proven to be up to 65% more efficient. This means reduced monthly operating costs. And on top of that most utility companies offer rebates for this work, so we will setup your rebate program and be sure you see your rebate from the utility company.

The new industry trend is glass door reach-in coolers. The reason for this is because the glass doors contain all of the cold air your equipment is generating allowing your equipment to operate more efficiently, ultimately saving you money. We offer many different options for all different manufacturers to retrofit your existing medium temp reach-in fixture with energy efficient glass doors.

Get away from those expensive refrigerants from the 80's & 90's and off of the EPA's watch list. Retrofit your current system to a Low-GWP (global warming and ozone depletion) refrigerant and stay ahead of the curve.

Retrofitting your old refrigeration, HVAC & lighting controls is one of the best ways to save money and operating cost. Whether you're going from mechanical timers or older generation automated controls, modern day control systems offer superior savings, visibility and peace of mind. We offer the highest trained and experienced controls technicians around. 

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