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Our installation team can meet your every need. With our extensive contractor network and experienced installers we can handle everything from a small project to a full store remodel.

Our turnkey capabilities allow you to make one phone call to get any installation handled. Whether you would like to add a couple feet to a lineup or expand into an adjoining building we have the capabilities to do so. From the design phase to final permitting we can handle every aspect of any remodel.

Our experience allows us to change out cases without cutting into your sales. What that means is we can remove your old cases and replace them with new ones and the only thing your customer will notice is the brand new fixture they are purchasing products from.

We have the most experienced case refurbishing experts in the industry. No matter the manufacturer we have the resources to provide you with a brand new looking case. Whether your cases are banged up from the day to day operations or years of being in service we can provide and install what you need to make them look as good as new.

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Commercial Refrigeration Specialists, Inc.
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